Innokin Cool Fire Mini Starter Kit

The Ultra-Compact Innokin CoolFire mini is now available for order in 5 beautiful brushed metal finishes. The CoolFire Mini packs 40 Watts of precise output and a 1300mAh battery into an ergonomic shape that is only 63mm tall and designed to fit perfectly in your hand! The new curved button design and the bright OLED clear…

No DNA damage with Ecigs claim BAT researchers.

BAT researchers conduct in vitro studies with e-cigarettes and combustible cigarettes to estimate the potential damage on DNA of human epithelial cells. Their results exclude any damage upon e-vapor exposure while cigarette smoke does.

A chemist’s advice: Don’t Dry-Burn your coil.

Dr Mirosław Dworniczak, a chemist, got interested in vaping since he stopped smoking a few years ago. On the Nicotine Science and Policy Blog, he comments on the Dry-Burn, a common practice that consists in heating a bare coil before using it.